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Inner Spirit Yoga offers a non-competitive practice with a safe and nurturing environment. The classes are designed to inspire students to explore the ancient art of yoga through the integration of breathwork, postures, meditation and relaxation.
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 Enjoy a full season of yoga practice and Mindfulness training. Join us for  a class and expereince the benefits that yoga brings to your body, mind and spirit.
 Please refer to my Inspirations page to read about the eight limbs of yoga. I have  posted all  eight articles for your enjoyment and personal growth. I have also posted some beautiful reflections on my Inspirations page. Please read and enjoy and feel free to share your reflections with me. I would love to add them to the list.
Namaste Rhea
To all interested in taking classes, please contact Rhea Athey at (416) 617-2002 or at rhea@innerspirityoga.ca.
Create a plan and put it into action. Note your thoughts through this process. Success or failure can be demonstrated by a person’s habital trend of thought. Make sure your thoughts are serving your higher purpose and supporting your desired intention. Each breath we inhale can renew and align our minds to love.

Inspirational Thoughts
How do we embrace vulnerability?
1. Be grateful
2. Honor the ordinary things in our daily lives.
3. Experience joy and love.

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Quotes & Thoughts

Freedom through simplicity, joy from within,live life with clarity.
Let go of that which does not serve you.
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who matter don't mind and those that mind don't matter
Enlightenment is not a goal to grasp.It is the timeless presence that you already are
You can't change the past so be gentle with yourself. It's only a mistake if you keep doing it.